KJB'S Bubble Football, Tag Archery, Nerf Wars and Old School Sports Days.
KJB'S Bubble Football, Tag Archery, Nerf Wars and Old School Sports Days.

KJB's will provide Mobile Nerf Wars at any suitable location provided by you or we can find a venue for you.


We operate a fixed pricing structure of £180 for 60mins venue not included, for up to 15 participants. Provision for your session includes; event coordinators/instructors, venue booking and session planning if required, set and pack up before and after play, safety equipment, and of course the Guns and ammo.

With regards to venue hire and cost, have CRB checked staff and our own generator so we can put a session on anywhere for you of sufficient size and suitable surface be it public or private.

Or we can take care of the venue arrangements for you. Our venue inclusive rate Indoors or on Grass in Abingdon, Didcot, and Oxford, is only £230 for 60mins for up to 15 participants.


What's included


Nerf Guns


Unlimited Ammo


Inflatable Barricades




Safety Glasses or Mask



Games played


Nerf Tag, Every Man For Himself, Medic, Capture the Flag Swap Guns after every game players rotated approximately every 10 minutes.

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